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SMARTACT-1 Electric Actuator offers unmatched features and flexibility.

Developed and manufactured in the UK it is the most energy efficient electric actuator in the world.

SACO - SMARTACT-1 Electric Actuator offers unmatched features and flexibility.

The SmartAct® 1 electric valve actuator is the world’s first RIFT DRIVEN® product. The RIFT motor drive saves 75% on running costs compared to standard products.

Its revolutionary design has a single glass reinforced nylon housing containing the RIFT motor system and gearbox that can be configured to produce a range of output torques. This version is software configured to produce up to 40Nm.

Smart, state of the art electronics provide accurate, reliable and repeatable performance characteristics and enables a comprehensive list of standard and optional features to be offered. Optional extra cost features include failsafe and/ or modulating functionality, speed control and fieldbus communications.

At a time where energy consumption is becoming increasingly important to the world, the SmartAct®-1 electric actuator takes full advantage of the dramatic reduction in energy that the RIFT Driven® technology enables and creates an electric actuator with the lowest energy consumption available in the market.  In comparison tests with other competitor products the SmartAct®-1 requires only 25% or less of the energy input to do the same output work. Taking in to account the cost of energy today this gives the SmartAct®-1 a ‘lifetime cost’ that is the lowest available from any manufacturer.

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