Android App

Android App is actually really Smart.

Our new App ensures an intelligent and easily operated actuator with advantages like no other within the current market.

Whilst our Actuators still offer a 75% energy saving we continue to innovate smart solutions. The Smart Actuator Company has developed an easy and efficient platform that improves communication with SmartAct Actuators for both our existing and new customers.

An online portal system that can be operated with any Android device allows customers to access their purchased products, monitor the configuration and add or remove features right then and there.

This ease of access allows customers to personalise, change and add anything they require and has proved a great success in trials.

It even has a torque detection function which auto detects the torque requirement of the valve for initial set-up and configuration.

Now that really is Smart!!

The Quick Start guide and full user manual for the Free App are available as downloads on our download page.