Smart Actuator Features

Smart Actuator Features

We are proud of the fact that Smart Act Actuators are both feature rich yet simple and easy to setup, install and maintain.

With a price point that can’t be matched and an unbeatable Energy Saving these two things alone should make this your first choice in Electric Actuation.

Our innovative RIFT Motor technology means that in every comparison test run we can save you money in operation through energy efficiency. This makes SmartAct Actuators almost self financing in the long run but also working towards our vision of saving the planet by consuming energy more efficiently.

Unbeatable Price Point

SmartAct products have a relatively low manufacturing cost compared to lots of competitors so we can be competitive on price whilst also offering some extra features – no addon’s required. Just an update. These features range in price but again are very competitively priced.

Easy Setup, Install & Maintenance

We have truly Smart technology inside our actuators. Making the job of installation, setup and maintenance so much easier simply connect your actuator to our easy to use app and your control is at your fingertips.

Read all about our Promotion for our new Small 0 – 30 Nm Actuator here [small promo]

Falling in Love with the most hated day of the week – Loving Monday’s

Falling in Love with the most hated day of the week – Loving Monday’s

So apparently according to a variety of google results it is pretty across the board that most people hate mondays!

I feel really sorry for monday but there is some scientific stuff about why this happens.

Some of it is about the fact that most of us are actually sleep deprived during the week. So we sleep in even just for an hour or so at the weekend and this adjusts our body clock making Monday mornings harder to wake up on.

There is a large emotional shift that takes place from sunday to monday. For most of us we go from relaxing, spending time with family, taking part in hobbies or having adventures to work and although we don’t all hate our jobs (for the record I LOVE mine) and monday’s are no more stressful or depressing than say a tuesday or friday we still compare it to sunday when we had time to do what we wanted.

We suffer the Monday blue’s. We wish it was Friday. We cannot help procrastinate and end up just a little less productive maybe. Apparently we are actually more likely to be ill on Monday’s than any other day. So what can we do to start to love Monday again.

Love your Mondays!

1) Don’t work at the weekend.

Or whichever days you have off. Don’t feel tempted to check your emails, or open that report up. Taking a break means you have a more enjoyable couple of days away and getting back to it on monday seems less of a constant grind. You deserve that me time so take it.

2) Start Monday morning’s with your favourite breakfast.

Why not have that extra slice of buttered toast or extra fruit on your granola. If it’s a smoothy then make it your favourite one. Having your favourite breakfast might just be the little thing that puts you in a better mood about the whole day. You are your own influencer here. Only you can adjust your mood so go on treat yourself.

3) Approach monday as a fresh start to the week not just back to the grind.

Start setting weekly goals that you can get done by the end of the week so you have that sense of accomplishment come friday and know that monday is when you do your new task list for the week. I am a big lover of lists & planning so I always sit down after our big group team meeting & hold a mini meeting with my team & we all write up our goals & tasks for the week. It feels really good to know that monday morning is planning & goal setting. Adding simple things to this task list that can be easily ticked off helps the week feel productive. I have even been known to have – write a list of things to do on my list 🙂 That sounds funny but it motivates me to keep on top of the things I am doing. On last weeks list I had write an article about monday’s (because I came in last week needing a boost).

4. Meal prep on Sunday

I quite often plan a slow cooker meal for mondays so I know I can get it all ready before work and return to a cooked meal. It makes monday’s feel so much easier knowing I can go home and stick the kettle on without having to wonder what I am feeding my family. Yes I have a list !

5. Don’t schedule too much on a weekend unless it’s a treat.

Warwick Castle

So this one is an odd one. Try to keep your weekend free of responsibility, you have enough of that during the week. It is not always easy as often if you are like me I have a list of errands to run but I now try to do as many of these during the week around work and school hours. I leave my weekend for relaxation & play time. On the subject of play time why not have a mini adventure or a day trip out. Something totally different to take your mind off work. We find that a mini break (usually friday night to saturday night) make it feel like we had a mini holiday. We all go back to school or work on monday feeling quite excited about what adventures we had.

Our last adventure was a night at Warwick Castle. We stayed in the newly built wooden lodges in the Knights Village. We had an amazing time. We crossed swords with the Warwick Knights and had dinner in the medieval banquet hall as well as getting 2 days to explore. We stayed on the friday night so we still had sunday to relax at home. It felt just like a mini holiday and going back to work monday I felt really relaxed & chilled & ready to get into my list of things to do.

Loving Mondays is all about mindset

Whatever you do in life really your own attitude is the one thing you have control over. It is up to you to choose to look for the positives not the negatives but you are not alone in that monday blue mood so really all the little things that you can do to lift that mood and make the start of a fresh week something to look forward to instead of something to dread can make such a difference to your whole working experience.

Good luck & let’s start loving mondays.

This article was originally written by Tonya O’Donnell for LinkedIn. You can see the article here [ ]

Valve Solutions Large Actuators Order June 2019

SmartAct welcome a new Irish Distributor.

SmartAct & Valve Solutions

SmartAct are pleased to announce that we will be working with a new distributor in Ireland.  Valve & Actuator Solutions Ireland is based in County Kildare.

Valve Solutions Ireland

Valve & Actuator Solutions Ltd

Valve Solutions is a leading supplier of Valves, Actuators, Flood and Flow Control Equipment with over 30 years experience in the Water & Waste, Petrochem, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

They will be working with our full range of products and have already worked with our Actuation specialists on solutions for a couple of new projects over the last few months.

We sent an order out this week of our Large 200NM SmartAct Actuators.

Distributor Logos

SmartAct Small Actuator Launch Promotion Offer

SmartAct Small Actuator Launch Promotion Offer

Get Smart ! Order now for Free Feature.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Small SmartAct Energy Efficient Smart Actuator we are offering one of our most popular Features FREE for a limited time.

Failsafe (one of the product standard features) will be switched on Free of Charge (FOC) for all orders placed within 26 weeks of launch date. This Promotion is subject to availability & payment terms.

Please contact us for more information.

01684 565709

Introducing Wiggle the solution to ‘sticky’ valves.

Introducing Wiggle the solution to ‘sticky’ valves.
SmartAct Electric Actuator Wiggle Feature
SmartAct Wiggle feature

We at SmartAct have developed a solution to the longstanding problem of infrequently used valves becoming stuck or ‘sticky’.

The software feature known as ‘WIGGLE’ allows the actuator to be programmed to move the valve at regular, user defined, intervals and amounts. This feature has shown positive early results in reducing the build-up of material which causes valves to seize in position.

Once again The Smart Actuator Company proves it is one of the front runners in innovative thinking.

As a new manufacturer in the electric actuator market SmartAct has spent a lot of time over the last 5 years asking questions of potential distributors, end users and even other manufacturers about the problems faced by suppliers of valves and actuators.

How valves become sticky.

One regular problem that was described was the tendency of valves to ‘stick’ or ‘seize’ in positions when being used in an application with long or infrequent duty cycle times.

In many instances this problem alone accounts for the need to replace valves altogether after relatively short working life times. At the very least it often requires pipelines to be shut down while regular maintenance and valve seat cleaning is carried out. The problem occurs much less often in applications.

Working with Severn Subsea Technologies in Redruth, Cornwall, on projects for two of their clients, SmartAct saw first-hand how quickly equipment deployed in the marine environment can be colonised by marine micro-organisms. In one particular application 6 inch KSB Butterfly Valves are required to stay open to allow sea water to pass through and only open and close once each day. In another application regular wave splash and occasional immersion to up to 5 meters caused similar problems in a Mars Ball valve, again with infrequent duty cycles.

SmartAct Medium Energy Efficient Smart Actuator

Working with Severn Subsea Technologies in Redruth, Cornwall, on projects for two of their clients, SmartAct saw first-hand how quickly equipment deployed in the marine environment can be colonised by marine micro-organisms. In one particular application 6 inch KSB Butterfly Valves are required to stay open to allow sea water to pass through and only open and close once each day. In another application regular wave splash and occasional immersion to up to 5 meters caused similar problems in a Mars Ball valve, again with infrequent duty cycles.

The SmartAct distributor in the Netherlands, Ebora Process Automation, also identified the same problem with many of their clients. They asked if a solution could be developed.

“Even apparently clean fluids can cause deposits in valves that are not in regular use; as these build up they can cause valves to either function badly or cease to function altogether”.

How ‘WIGGLE’ prevents valves from sticking.

Regular operation ‘cleans’ the valve seat and prevents build-up of material that can cause the vale to stick in position. The action of the valve against the seat does not allow the micro-organisms to settle and grow within the valve.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) in the SmartAct Actuators electronic control boards can be programmed to open and close any valve to a set angle on a time schedule. This can be to just a few degrees or the full duty cycle. SmartAct commissioned the software work required as part of their Horizon 2020 European Union Funding Project and has now added the feature, which has been christened ‘WIGGLE’, to the advanced features available through the Android App.

James O’Donnell, SmartAct Technical Director says ‘We are developing a reputation as the company that can solve problems other manufacturers can’t. When we introduced our first medium actuator in 2014 we designed it to be flexible and multi-featured. Thank goodness we did because as our sales volumes are rising we are able to add in new features like ‘WIGGLE’ to react to customer demand’.

The SmartAct Subsea Actuator has been Tested successfully to 800 meters & Certificated to 750 Meters. It was the first actuator from SmartAct to include the ‘Wiggle’ feature to help keep the value seats  clean. This has also now been added to the standard medium SmartAct RIFT 40-100 Nm actuator and as an additional advanced option on the Small 0-30 Nm actuator.

SmartAct Actuators break the mould when it comes to materials used.

SmartAct Actuators break the mould when it comes to materials used.

At the Smart Actuator Company, we believe in using the best and most applicable materials for the manufacturing of our products. Have you ever wondered what materials SmartAct use and why? We put a lot of thought into our Innovative products and their material science. We decided to use some very modern manufacturing materials and processes to go with our Smart Technology Innovation.

SmartAct Medium 40 - 100 Nm Electric Actuator
Medium SmartAct Actuator

In doing this we ensure that our Actuators not only look amazing but perform amazingly too, accompanied with robustness and reliability while still delivering a massive 75% energy saving over other traditional electric actuators.

All our Actuators are located worldwide in very diverse Industrial complexes, so it is imperative that they can cope in a variety of climates and conditions.

Within these locations we ensure that our Actuators are Intrinsically Safe as directed by SIL Standards. We are currently Self-Certified to level 2 of 4.

Locations we have SmartAct Actuators performing in include: –

  • Sub Sea, Off Shore Rigs and Submerged Pipe lines
  • Food Processing sites
  • Waste Management sites
  • Water Purification systems
  • Zoos and Public attractions
  • Fire Suppression systems

The main body of our Small and Medium Actuators are moulded from a Nylon 66 compound, that is a cousin to the Kevlar compound which has similar properties to Mild Steel.

Nylon 66 has approximately 40% Glass Fibre content that gives it a structural stability and robustness.

This compound has been used for Aerospace projects, Military uses such as Armour Plating both for Vehicles and Personnel, and many more applications that require such strong compositions.

The benefits for using Nylon 66 are: –

SmartAct Small Actuator
  • Lighter in weight
  • Faster manufacturing time
  • No single use (Recyclable)
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • More cost effective
  • Corrosion free

The SmartAct Small Actuator Lid is moulded from Nylon 12, which has similar characteristics to Nylon 66.

The Small Actuator Lid design is translucent, as we want our customers to see the internal workings of the Actuator, it also helps when checking the relevant degree angle that the Actuator has turned. The Lid also has a Magnifying Glass built in to aid the Degree Angle view.

SmartAct Actuators use a series of internal Gears that produce the final output torque and drive. The exact design and how the gears are in position cannot be disclosed due to our patent. However, their composition can be explained, as the gears are self-lubricated and are made from Acetal which has a Molybdenum/PTFE make up.

The internal worm, worm wheel, centre gear, handle, internal walls and plates are made from Nylon 66, Delrin 500 or Acetal. Delrin 500 gives a good smooth surface structure and the Acetal gives extra stability whilst allowing some flexing in the Actuator movements.

The Benefits of using Acetal/Molybdenum/PTFE for Gears are: –

  • Self-Lubricating
  • Longer life cycle
  • Lighter in weight
  • Faster manufacturing times
  • More cost effective
  • Many colour options available
  • Corrosion free

Our customers don’t always just love our robust durable material science they also love how easy the SmartAct Actuators are to install and set up too.

Our latest Distributor appointed in India has just received their first consignment of Medium SmartAct Actuators and immediately responded with this testimonial: –

We have successfully tested one of 40Nm Actuator. It was an awesome experience for us to use this type of Smart Actuator for the first time and really its Smart as per the name and simple to operate” Smart material science and smart technology made simple keeps our customers happy.

Content created by Ian Hughes. Edited by Tonya O’Donnell

Green Heart Award trip to London

Green Heart Awards

Green Heart Awards

We have been nominated for a Green Heart.


This March, we’re gearing up to show the love in a big way—by celebrating how people around the country are helping to protect the lives they love from climate change.

Green hearts reflect the belief in the possibility of a cleaner, safer future; the ambition and efforts of projects big and small that are transforming communities everywhere; and the force of millions who are protecting the things they love. The Green Heart Hero Awards are a chance to celebrate these extraordinary endeavours and give our neighbours a huge round of applause for all they are doing to create a cleaner, more secure future for our communities and beyond.

We are super excited to be part of the Green Heart Awards. Our Energy Saving & Recycling Policy is integral to what we do at the Smart Actuator Company. 

We ensure where possible we use fully recyclable components in our products and even our product packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Saving the world energy by utilizing RIFT Energy saving motor innovation is something really important to us. We as a community can all work towards a greener future for our future generations. 

For a family business this really is one of our core values.  

Update – Photo’s of our trip to London 

We didn’t win an award but were honoured to be among the amazing people nominated because of the things they are doing working towards a Green future.