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Software User Guide

Software User Guide (895 downloads)

Data Sheet for 40 – 100
Nm Smart Actuator.

SmartAct1 40 - 100Nm Data Sheet Nov 2018 (244 downloads)

Data Sheet for 0 -40 Nm
Smart Actuator.

Data Sheet Small SmartAct 0-40 Nm V11 (265 downloads)


Download Quick Set-up Guide


Instruction & Operational User
Manual 40-100Nm Smart Actuator

Instruction Manual 40-100Nm (879 downloads)

SmartAct1 V3.3 quick set-up Booklet

SmartAct1 V3.3 quick setup Booklet (631 downloads)

Data Sheet for SubSea
100 -400 Nm Smart Actuator.

Data Sheet for SubSea SmartAct Actuator V9 (305 downloads)

For the Android Control App Search Smart Actuator in the Google Play Store