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The SmartAct® electric valve actuator’s are the world’s first RIFT DRIVEN® products. The RIFT motor drive saves 75% on running costs compared to standard products.

This truly is a Smart Technology Product. There are plenty of other products that use the ‘Smart’ tag but only one ‘SmartAct’. The SmartAct Actuator range utilises state of the art computer technology to offer unbeatable advantages over it’s competitors. Communicate with the SmartAct Smart Actuator via an easy to use App enabling additional features at the touch of a keypad quite literally.

Its revolutionary design has a single glass reinforced nylon housing containing the RIFT motor system and gearbox that can be configured to produce a range of output torques. There are 4 models in the range offering torque from 0 up to 500 Nm.

Smart, state of the art electronics provide accurate, reliable and repeatable performance characteristics and enabling a comprehensive list of standard and optional features to be offered. Optional extra cost features include failsafe and/ or modulating functionality, speed control and fieldbus communications.

At a time where energy consumption is becoming increasingly important to the world, the SmartAct®-1 electric actuator takes full advantage of the dramatic reduction in energy that the RIFT Driven® technology enables and creates an electric actuator with the lowest energy consumption available in the market.  In comparison tests with other competitor products the SmartAct®-1 requires only 25% or less of the energy input to do the same output work. Taking in to account the cost of energy today this gives the SmartAct®-1 a ‘lifetime cost’ that is the lowest available from any manufacturer. [Read more about it here]

Where we are

The leafy Malvern Hills may not seem like the obvious place for a disruptive technology to emerge but that is exactly where we are. In the heart of England, Malvern is an area of outstanding natural beauty. One day we hope there will be a plaque on the wall showing that it also the birthplace of revolutionary motor innovation.

Our customers.

Our customers are at the centre of our company focus. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer support and sales aftercare.

In 2019 we have implemented a new CRM system to ensure we keep communication flowing with our customers. If you need to contact us please do not hesitate to call or email.

Tel: 01684 565709

Email: sales@smartact.co.uk

Our customers are always welcome to come and visit us and see our factory and office spaces to talk with our staff and see working demonstrations of our products. We love an excuse to get the kettle on & the cake in.

Smart Actuator Company Organisation Chart
Smart Actuator Company Organisation Chart