SmartAct Medium 40 – 100 Nm Electric Energy Efficient Actuator

THE WORLD’S FIRST RIFT DRIVEN® ELECTRIC ACTUATOR Part Turn & Multi-Turn Applications  MADE IN BRITAIN The SmartAct®-1 electric actuator was conceived, designed, prototyped, and is being manufactured in Britain.


SmartAct Actuators feature the RIFT DRIVEN® motors. This RIFT technology will transform motor driven systems in the future. They show weight and energy savings of over 75% compared to traditional motor driven systems. THE RIFT DRIVEN® ADVANTAGE RIFT is a new British innovation; significantly enhancing the motor characteristics resulting in a powerful, light, and yet energy efficient motor driven product. The SmartAct®-1 electric valve actuator is the world’s first RIFT DRIVEN® product. Its revolutionary British design has a single glass reinforced polypropylene housing that contains the RIFT motor system and gearbox. The SmartAct®-1 can be configured to produce a range of output torques up to 100Nm. In actuator comparison tests the SACO valve actuator is in fact over 90% more energy efficient than the market leading electric actuators it was compared with.

Small  0 – 30 Nm Electric Actuator (0 – 22.13 FtLbf)

The Small Electric Actuator is ideal for applications where a smaller torque is required. Smaller valves which may be installed in a smaller space can now benefit from the features of the Smart Actuator with our smaller sized unit. 190mm tall with ISO5211 Fixings for F03, F04 & F05. The width is 100mm. Each unit comes supplied with a manual Override wheel.

  1. SmartAct 0-30 Nm Low Voltage, Fully Featured, Manual Override.
  2. SmartAct 0-30 Nm High Voltage, Fully Featured, Manual Override.

Full information can be found on our data sheet / brochure available to download here.

Medium  40 – 100 Nm Electric Actuator Version 2 (29.5 – 74 FtLbf)

The Medium Smart Actuator Unit was our first unit. The world’s first Rift Driven Smart Electric Actuator.


We bring high end and high value features to our product range. This allows greater functionality for the end customer and opens added value opportunities for all partners. Many of our features are novel and can significantly improve the life and performance of the valves used in a huge range of applications, like WIGGLE and TORQUE PROFILING. New Features in Version 2 include:-

  • Capacitor Touch Pads for Local Control.
  • New Fixings for Small & Large Flanges.
  • Improved 14mm & 17mm Drive Adaptors.
  • New clear material for internal fixings plate.
  • Reduced current draw Electronics when Off-Grid or in Standby.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth Adaptor.

There are many more features – for a full data sheet / brochure please visit our download page here. This product is available for purchase either on it’s own (minimum quantity 10) or as a Valve Actuator Package.

 SubSea 100 – 400 Nm Electric Actuator (74 – 295 FtLbf)

SmartAct SubSea Actuator

The SmartAct SubSea Electric Actuator is Hyperbaric tested to 850 metres depth. 

It features a clear Acrylic Pressure Chamber. This allows visual confirmation of operation without dismantling. It also allows the configuration via Bluetooth connection. Snap Lock Marine Connector Cables are available with this unit for ease of service and / or replacement. The metal components are fabricated  in marine grade aluminium for extended subsea use.

Full data sheet / brochure available to download here.

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