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The Smart Actuator CompanyWorld First SubSea Smart ActuatorEnergy Efficiency

The Smart Actuator Company

The world's smartest most energy efficient actuator

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World First SubSea Smart Actuator

Hyperbaric Tested to 850m

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Energy Efficiency

Rift Driven Technology provides a 75% energy saving

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Electric Actuated Valves

SmartAct1 Electric Actuator mounted on a Butterfly Valve

The Smart Actuator Company (SACO) vision is to reinvent the way we design and use electric motors in actuators. Working with regional agricultural companies, they were inspired to design a radically new form of actuator. Their new design has various efficiency built in to reduce manufacture cost and material intensity. The design is now Patent Protected.

Today, the lightweight RIFT drive in the SmartAct®-1 Actuator delivers greater energy efficiency, at a greater range of speeds. Simple and efficient to manufacture, SACO actuators promise energy and carbon footprint savings across a range of applications. The SmartAct®-1 covers the output range through 40, 60, 80 and 100 Nm. In 2017 the SmartAct®-2 will be a ‘coke can’ size with an output range from 0 to 40 Nm and the SmartAct®-3 Large Actuator ranges from 100 Nm up to 400 Nm.

The company has also designed its actuators to be easy to install on all valve types and software configurable via Bluetooth conslider4-technicalnection from a laptop or hand held device. The software was initially created to run on Microsoft Windows® platform but has now been developed for Android devices. The manual configuration option is also available through local control buttons on the lid. [ Read more about the Android App here ]

SACO has established early links with distributors in South Africa, Australia, Germany, as well as the USA and has just agreed a mutual distributorship arrangement with Mars Valves UK Limited (part of the Severn Glocon Group) in the United Kingdom.

bvaa-logoWe are proud members of the British Valve and Actuator Association.

Established in 1939, the British Valve and Actuator Association represents the interests of over 200 British companies which are responsible for over £1billion sales each year.

BVAA member companies employ more than 9000 personnel directly in manufacturing and an equal number in support industries.

We have been featured numerous times in the BVAA Magazine, Valve User. We have also featured in Valve World Magazine and SubSea UK Magazine.

You can download all the Data Sheets / Brochures for the Smart Act Actuators on our Downloads Page here.

You can see more information about each Actuator on the products page using the links or thumbnails below.

SmartAct Small 0 - 40 Nm Electric Actuator

Small 0 – 40 Nm

SmartAct Medium 40 - 100 Nm Electric Actuator

Medium 40 – 100 Nm

SmartAct SubSea 100 - 400 Nm Electric Actuator

Subsea 100 – 400 Nm



Contact information : Advantage Business Park Spring Lane South Malvern Worcs WR14 1AT Tel: 01684 565709 Email: For PR & Marketing: Tonya O’Donnell – Director of Marketing & Management […]

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Downloads & Info

Software User Guide   Data Sheet for 40 – 100 Nm Smart Actuator. Data Sheet for 0 -40 Nm Smart Actuator. Instruction & Operational User Manual 40-100Nm Smart Actuator   […]

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THE WORLD’S FIRST RIFT DRIVEN® ELECTRIC ACTUATOR Part Turn & Multi-Turn Applications  MADE IN BRITAIN The SmartAct®-1 electric actuator was conceived, designed, prototyped, and is being manufactured in Britain. HUGELY […]

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