There is no ‘I’ in team – building a great team for success !

Team – Together Everyone Achieves More

To make a business successful you need some key things. You need a great idea, you need to take advantage of technology, continue to innovate, put your customers at the heart of what you do, get organized, keep good records, analyse your market and … here comes the important bit; create a strong team.

A strong #creative team typically outperforms the gifted creative individual. There are of course exceptions & every team sometimes needs those gifted individuals and should allow for them to sometimes shine as stars. But even they need someone to make the tea or order the stationary !

Creating a strong team isn’t easy. It’s about good communication, clear vision, good organisation and effective leadership.

A great team will have a mix of skills, it needs a blend of temperaments: some that are happiest in the thick of things, others that are relatively impervious to the collective mindset. A team needs people who can turn the tide as well as those who ride the wave but they all need to be working towards the same goal. In work they need to be working towards the success and vision of your business.

A good team working well to it’s different strengths but with the same goal in mind will achieve greatness.

The Smart Actuator Company Team take part in a 2 day team skills workshop
The Smart Actuator Company Team take part in a 2 day team skills workshop

One thing you can do to help a team work better together and understand their strengths is to invest in training. This week we took part in a team Skills workshop. Unfortunately there were no marshmallow tower building but we did spend 2 days learning all about what makes a good team, good communication & how to deal with change. All in all a great 2 days.

We learnt a lot about our collective skills and it was really interesting to see that as a collective team we have a broad range of skills. We had a lot of Implementers which thankfully means lot’s of hard workers with loyalty towards the business. Across the rest of the skill set we had some strong managers & co-ordinators (interestingly family featured high in these categories) and some great team workers with lots of high score in the completer-finisher category. Which means we are motivated to work towards our common goal and complete the task!

I think everyone enjoyed the sweets & toys. It was especially interesting to learn that fiddling with a gadget or toy rather than being distracting actually opens up the creative side of your mind and allows for greater learning.

Lots to take in but sometimes you need to go away and digest new information. You often find that afterwards things come back to you that help further down the line. Continuing to grow and develop as a person can only add to your success in life and work.

At the Smart Actuator Company we are already a rapidly growing business going through a period of change and developing an ethos that we will invest in knowledge and the skills to continue to succeed is a great thing.

Thank you to HR Champions and to Cathy in particular who was our trainer and facilitator for the two days.

Looking forward to more success with a great team in place.



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